http://thenounproject.comThe Noun ProjectIcon TemplateRemindersStrokesTry to keep strokes at 4pxMinimum stroke weight is 2pxFor thicker strokes use even numbers: 6px, 8px etc.Remember to expand strokes before saving as an SVGSizeCannot be wider or taller than 100px (artboard size)Scale your icon to fill as much of the artboard as possibleUngroupIf your design has more than one shape, make sure to ungroupSave asSave as .SVG and make sure “Use Artboards” is checked100px.SVG


Coaching sessions are flexible - they can be face-to-face, over the phone, and video conferencing. Hours can be structured conveniently around your schedule.

If you live in the DC Metro area, we can either meet in my Gaithersburg, MD office or at another mutually agreeable location.

I frequently hold coaching sessions by phone with clients who are not in the DC area or who are unable to meet in-person.