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Packed Up & Out The Door

Although you may never feel like all your vacation planning and packing are  completely done, at some point you just have to get going. 

There’s no point in staying put looking for that one last thing if it means missing your flight or getting stuck in traffic. You’ve done all the prep work, now it's time for action. Get out the door and on the way to your vacation!

It’s the same for your job search. You’ve planned and organized. Your resume is updated and your LinkedIn profile looks great. 

Don’t let small details keep you from taking that last step and getting on the way to your dream career. 

Apply to job opportunities and continue your networking. Networking is the key! Did you know there is a hidden job market?  Approximately 80% of the jobs are not listed on career sites, sometimes we have to network to find them.  You'll never know who you will meet on your next vacation. So lets get excited about your job search.  

Remember it can be a fun time, enjoy because you earned it. 

Lay It All Out

When I begin packing for a vacation, it always gets messy before it gets organized. Clothes, shoes, and other necessities are everywhere. 

Even though I know I have what I need somewhere, I can never tell until I lay it all out and see it together.

It can be the same with resumes, applications, contacts, and job search check lists. Do you have some amazing references? Make sure you know where they are well before you need them so you don’t lose momentum looking around. Were you convinced your resume was solid, only to discover there’s a noticeable employment gap? Be prepared with specifics of your volunteer work, certification programs, and so on to fill that space easily.

When you lay it all out, you know where you stand. 

It's okay, messy is part of the process! 

This will help you to move forward in your job search and come up with the direction you need to go for career satisfaction.

Clean It Up

I like to do laundry a few days before packing for a vacation so it's all ready to go right into the suitcase. 

Sure, I could wait until the last minute- but it is so nice to know that I’ve at least got that part under control. The same idea applies to your job search. 

Get your “60 second commercial” about yourself cleaned up and ready for networking. Take a little time to think about what to say. You probably already have a good idea of what to include, but it’s worth it to think ahead and even do some practice runs. 

Need help with promoting yourself? Explore with a career coach or get a career buddy. 

Get Ready

Think about how you plan to get ready for vacation. When you are overwhelmed by feeling like you have too much to do, you break it down and remember you are going somewhere great. 

Start with updating your LinkedIn profile. Don’t have one? It is definitely worth the time to set up an account. The prompts help you to structure and really think about your work experience. It can be easier than writing a resume from scratch and once you have your summary, it’s easy to fill in the rest. Make sure to have a professional picture and feel free to check out others in your industry if you get stuck coming up with skill descriptions.

See my previous blog of LinkedIn tips for more.