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What's On Your Plate?

Thanksgiving dinner always has so many wonderful options, more than you can fit on one plate. You start off by making sure to get your favorites, but if there’s only a little more room you’ll have to make some choices. How much of this and how much of that? What combination is just right for you?
Deciding what you want from a new career can be very similar. You may have brainstormed about you want but, when it comes to reviewing real world opportunities, the choices will come down to how you want to “fill your plate.”
It can help to make a checklist of what's important, network to find out about jobs that interest you, and remember that even small steps can get you to your dream job!

Where Do You Sit at the Table?

Thanksgiving is a time when we gather together and celebrate. Most of us find ourselves surrounded by family and friends, some of whom we may not see often throughout the year. Whenever a large group of people comes together, we end up taking on roles to work towards a common goal.
What is your role this Thanksgiving? Are you the host, the helper, or just hoping to have a good time? When you choose your role during the holidays, think about what role your dream job is, too. Do you do best as support staff or as a team leader? What qualifications do you need for that position?
The holidays can be a great time to assess what matters most, including what you may need for a career change. 


This time of year, many of us learn the hard way how important timing can be. 

For Thanksgiving dinner everything has to be timed just right so that it’s all warm and ready to enjoy when the turkey comes out of the oven. It is a balancing act that you can achieve by preparing ahead of time. 
Your career search will benefit from planning and balancing as well.

Before you send out that resume, make sure it is updated. 

Before you connect on LinkedIn, take a look at your profile and see that it is up to date. 

If you are heading out to a networking event, get your 60 second commercial ready.  

Preparation is the key for you to be ready for the right time.

Giving Thanks

It’s very important in your job search to always say thank you and follow up. Whether you are interviewing for a job or networking, a big part of the process is following through.

Should you wait one week or two weeks?  When should we follow up?

One idea is to ask after you meet with a prospective connection or after an interview to find out when would be a good time to follow up and stay connected.  I usually recommend following thereafter every two-four weeks depending on your last contact.

Some ideas for follow up are personalized thank you notes, thank you emails, and even a thank you phone call.

You can begin with an email and then follow up with a phone call or begin with a phone call and then follow up with an email. Pick a style that fits your personality type.  

Here's are some helpful articles about follow up: 

"Leadership is about three-fourths show-the-way and about one-fourth follow-up." James E. Faust

Crisp Air

This time of year, the air changes from summer’s boggy humidity to crisp and clear. It is a refreshing reminder that new things are on the way.

Instead of worrying about obstacles you may encounter during your career transition, remember to breathe. It is so important to allow yourself some time to take it all in. 

Embrace the changes as they come and look forward to finding the career of your dreams!