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June 2014

Enjoy the Ride

Congrats on taking the drivers seat and steering your own career. You can work at a job where you enjoy what you do, and having the initiative to seek it out takes courage and determination.  

I see it happen with many of my clients once they realized which direction they were headed. 

By not allowing others to take the wheel, they steered their own careers and were empowered by the process.

Reverse to Go Forward

Just like putting your car in reverse is necessary to get you out of a tight spot and back to the right direction- sometimes you'll have to go back to move forward when it comes to your career. 

This could mean meeting with a career coach to figure out what you are interested in doing.  

If you already have an established career, you'll have to think about where you want to go next and what steps you may need to take to move forward.

Here's a helpful WikiHow on switching careers. Many of the steps are similar to tips I've addressed in past blogs and reading through will help you to realize that it's never too late to start searching for the job of your dreams. 

Reversing to go forward can set you in the right direction for career satisfaction. 

Cruise Control

Most of us have used "cruise control" at one time or another. It's a fabulous idea- set your speed and then you don't need to do much of anything but keep your eyes open. 

You'll be ready to take action if you are confronted with a drastic change in driving conditions, but other than that it's pretty easy to zone out and keep moving down the same road.

The problem is that sometimes we are on cruise control in our jobs. For example, we like our jobs and feel average about it. We aren't challenging ourselves or moving forward toward our goals. 

Are you stuck in cruise control?  Do you need to get moving, change your pace, or change your career direction? Time to click the cruise button off and get back to steering!

Not sure where to start? Here's a great article I read about networking in your current job. 

Speed Racer

Are you a speed racer? Always going and going, without taking time to look back and reflect on your journey? 

Did you get to the top of your career fast and realize that it wasn't what you really wanted?

Maybe now's the time to ease off the gas and slow down. If you are going fast, but you're not going where you want to be, then what's the rush? 

Allow yourself to reflect on your career journey and find out what direction you need to go to find career satisfaction.