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Get Unstuck

Feeling stuck in your job?  Here are some ideas to get you out of the career rut:
Certification: Some certificate programs may help get your skills updated at a cost that fits within your budget. Bonus-its a great way to help with your networking
Grad school: This would take more time and the cost would be higher, but it may be really worth it. There are even programs online now and taking them would enhance your skills. Sometimes your company will have education benefits to begin your classes.  
Target Volunteering: This is a way to try new jobs that always interested you but without committing too much time.  Be clear about your needs and availability and see how it goes. If you can you volunteer once a week for a couple hours on a non busy day and learn from it, then it is well worth the time. You can also add volunteering to your resume as part of your career plan.

Start a blog: There are lots of ways to begin a blog and if you need help getting started, I know just the place. I feel like I have been more aware of my career goals since I started my blog back in January. It can be a great feeling of confidence to be able to express your ideas and share them.

What are other ways you have found that help you to get unstuck?