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May 2014


In the book, they describe the four phases of change as:
Phase I: Go For it
Phase II: The Doldrums
 Phase III: Cocooning
 Phase IV: Getting Ready    
I wrote about how graduates and those in career transition can feel stuck in Phase II: The Doldrums and now I’d like to talk about the next part of the cycle, Phase III: Cocooning. This is a time for reflection that should be enjoyed. 

The way our fast paced work world is we don't usually get time to reflect and slow down.  
Find what works for you in your schedule to make some time to reflect. It can be something as simple as walking, meditating, taking some deep breaths, enjoying a good laugh, and so on...To be present of what you are accomplishing and aware of what direction you want to go next will go far in helping you to accomplish your career goals.

Can you think of other ideas to help you make the time to reflect and practice some self-care?

Get Unstuck

Feeling stuck in your job?  Here are some ideas to get you out of the career rut:
Certification: Some certificate programs may help get your skills updated at a cost that fits within your budget. Bonus-its a great way to help with your networking
Grad school: This would take more time and the cost would be higher, but it may be really worth it. There are even programs online now and taking them would enhance your skills. Sometimes your company will have education benefits to begin your classes.  
Target Volunteering: This is a way to try new jobs that always interested you but without committing too much time.  Be clear about your needs and availability and see how it goes. If you can you volunteer once a week for a couple hours on a non busy day and learn from it, then it is well worth the time. You can also add volunteering to your resume as part of your career plan.

Start a blog: There are lots of ways to begin a blog and if you need help getting started, I know just the place. I feel like I have been more aware of my career goals since I started my blog back in January. It can be a great feeling of confidence to be able to express your ideas and share them.

What are other ways you have found that help you to get unstuck?

Job Search Compass

When it comes to searching for a compatible job, you’ll find that making a check list of what’s important to you will keep you going in the right direction. On my checklist, I usually put short commute, enjoy what I'm doing, opportunity for growth in the industry, and so on… 

This article from Brazen Careerist writer Laura Garrett poses some great questions that can get you ready to make your own checklist. Here’s my favorite part:
Ask yourself what a great day at work would look like. Start with the following questions:

How do you want to spend your time?
What do you want from your coworker relationships?
What kind of work environment is most energizing for you?
What do you want in a boss?
How do you want your job to fit into your life?

This is the time to be honest with yourself — just get it out of your head and onto paper. You aren’t obligated to share your list at the next family dinner or at happy hour with your friends

This is very helpful advice because, much like coaching, it gives you structure to lead yourself to your answers and priorities. If you allow yourself to think it through without being self-conscious about your responses, you may find that what you really want in a job isn’t what you thought. 

The ultimate goal is a job you love, so it’s okay if you have to rethink your job search and go in a different direction


Are you going through a career or life transition? There are times when we transition from one phase to the next so gradually that we barely even notice and it seems to happen naturally. Other times, we are clearly faced with a Choice A and a distinctly different Choice B.  It is during these times that it can feel overwhelming to make a decision and the idea of change can be daunting.

In the book, Life Launch: A Passionate Guide to the Rest of Your Life by Pamela D. McLean and Frederic M. Hudson, they write about the four phases of change as a renewal cycle:

Many transitions also provide you with social rites of passage, linking together the chapters of your life, so you can feel yourself "graduating" from one chapter of life into the next.  These help measure your lifelong journey

Graduation reminds me of going from one life chapter into another. In the book, they break it down into four phases:
Phase I: Go For it
Phase II: The Doldrums
Phase III: Cocooning
Phase IV: Getting Ready    
When we go through a career transition and enter Phase II, we can sometimes feel stuck. We have to remember that it really is part of the process. 

Being in the Doldrums means that we may feel down and unhappy with the path we are on, it is part of the process to feel unsure of your career path,but when we head into the Cocooning phase we can begin to reflect