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Make Your Career Search Blossom

When searching for a new career, it is important to be focused and get clarity. You may find that you have been searching too broadly and your attention is being pulled in all directions. 

In gardening, pruning is an important way of making sure nutrients are going to only the healthy parts of the plant and energy isn't wasted on areas that need to be cut. I think this same idea can be applied to your career search.
Every now and then, step back and reassess your process.
I read an interesting NPR blog by Ketzel Levine where the author addresses the common Fear of Pruning many gardeners face. He advises,
I was taught years ago that the best time to prune a plant is when you’re standing in front of it with clippers in your hand. Otherwise, the seasons roll by and the years roll by and before you know it the plant’s so out of scale that all you’re left with is the most drastic option

Once you've made sure your energy is being put towards the best tactics, you’ll be on the way to making your career search blossom!