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Dig In and Get Your Hands Dirty

I like the idea of gardening but, in reality, one of the reasons I don’t actually garden is because I don't like to get my hands dirty. 

It would be wonderful to eat healthier by growing food at home, but I wouldn't actually want to be around bugs and dirt. I do see the love behind growing your own food and the dedication it takes for it to come to fruition.  It takes a lot of hard work and time, which reminds me of networking.
If you want your career search to flourish, you can’t overlook the importance of networking. 

Think of your network like the roots of a plant, the more quality connections you have the more options you have for getting what you need to grow. The people you network with may pass on a tip about a new job opening, advice on how to succeed in that field, or connect you with others who share common interests.
I recently read a great blog about networking on Psychology Today. In, “Networking 101: How to Social Network Effectively” author Ronald E. Riggio lists six basic things to remember. I thought his second tip was especially helpful:
Engage in Humble Inquiry. There is a terrific recent book by psychologist Edgar Schein that discusses the importance of asking questions and listening attentively to the other person as a means for creating rewarding interactions. Put getting to know the other person before talking about yourself.
When you network for a job, it can take some time to plant the seeds and see them grow.  We’d prefer for it to happen fast, but it takes time to build relationships just like it takes time for a garden to grow. Networking is important, not just for finding a job or opportunity, but also if you are trying to get promoted or want to make sure you stay in the job that you love.

What have you done lately to grow your network?