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4 Helpful Tips to Clear the Clutter

It’s easy to appreciate all the work that goes in to spring cleaning when you have finished and are looking back, the hard part is figuring out where to start. 

Before you can even reach for the cleaning supplies you’ll have to finally face all that clutter.
I was lucky enough to have a neighbor come over and help me get started. It can often be easier to deal with someone else’s clutter because you can be more objective when deciding what to keep and what needs to go. We realized that everything needed a place and now there is an art area, a board game area, and more space for hosting friends.
Wow, I felt so much better after we finished. It’s allowing me to breathe and feel light. You can use the same principles to clear the clutter of your career. What have you done lately to help you simplify and move your career forward?
Here are my four tips for you to clear the clutter and make space for your career search:
1) Revamp Your Resume: When was the last time you updated your resume? Even when you are not looking for a job you still need to update or edit your resume. Take a look at it and make sure it isn't cluttered with irrelevant information or simply out of date. If you took classes, volunteered, or received an award that should be added to your resume. 

Check out my next blog, Tidy Up Your Resume, for more.

2) Organize Your Inbox:I attend a moms monthly group and one of the members has an organizing company called "Simpler Life Solutions". Donna recommends in her blog "For every new item you bring into the house, let go of something of comparable size." You can apply the same idea to emails.  Every email that comes in gets put in a place, not just left in your inbox. 

When your emails are organized you can find important messages without distractions. It feels really good to have your email in order and it opens up space you to move your career forward.

3) Shred It: It may be time to shred, no I don't mean pounds- I mean documents. Have a shredding box and then pick a day of the week to shred. Keeping a schedule allows you to avoid having a huge pile build up again. 

Getting rid of unnecessary documents can make you feel as if a weight has been lifted and gives you more room in your workspace for things you really need.

4) Don't Let Business Cards Pile Up: Have too many Business cards? Move them to LinkedIn. It’s nice to keep business cards from networking events, but don’t just let them pile up. See if your new contacts are on LinkedIn and connect with them. 

Now you don’t have to hold onto all those cards and may be more likely to keep in touch.

Don't you feel better just thinking about what you can do? Now go do it. Practice one of the tips a day and see how much easier it is to move your career forward.