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Don’t Let Social Media Shyness Make You a Wallflower

Looking for a job you love can be just like looking for someone to love. In both situations you want to feel respected, appreciated, and fulfilled. 

You may get lucky and find the right opportunities the old fashioned way- through mutual acquaintances, chance, or by participating in activities that interest you. 

You can increase your odds of success by cultivating an attractive online presence that lets others know who you are and what you want.
As a career coach and life coach specializing in transitions, I always recommend that my clients search for job keywords and descriptions to find compatible career opportunities. 

It can be just as important to actively participate on sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Social media has become a vital tool for building professional networks and you shouldn't let your shyness deter you from making valuable connections.
Common reasons people avoid social media are that they:
  • don’t know where to start 
  • feel self-conscious about how their profiles and online content will be viewed by others. 

I recently read a great article on the Harvard Business Review blog discussing just this. Dorie Clark’s article, "Shy of the Social Media Spotlight? Get Over it” addresses these concerns. She understands that people new to social media may worry that their initial online presence will be scrutinized and critiqued,
But the truth is, a far more likely scenario is that for the first few weeks or months you’re active online, you probably won’t get any comments, much less negative ones.
A necessary step in developing a powerful reputation is spending time “toiling in the wilderness” and perfecting your craft and ideas while few people are paying attention....creating “public” content doesn’t mean it will immediately be dissected and critiqued by the entire world. 
If you want to find the career of your dreams, don't be shy. You've got to get out there and let recruiters and employers see what you have to offer.