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Now that you have focused on getting your head in the game, it’s time to get some of your ideas from your head to paper and get your career search started in the right direction.

You know what your personal strengths are and which jobs match those strengths. In order to attain clarity you need to come up with a targeted job search strategy.

To begin with, think of words that describe the line of work you are interested and then Google those key words.

For example if you are interested in HR, Google HR benefits, consulting, training and development, generalist, etc.... By doing this, you are continuing your brainstorm of combining your skills and interests.
If you realize that the key words you are searching for really don’t describe what you want to do, then now would be a good time to go back to your “focus” phase.

The end goal is to find something that says to you, “I want to do this job.” Sometimes it takes going back to square one to make sure you have the clarity you need.
After you have found the job description that fits your needs and skills, add LinkedIn at the end of the web search so you can view what someone does in that field.
Remember, you are not just looking for a job description (which is part of clarity) but also finding out what requirements you may need to transition.  You may realize that taking a particular certification class could improve your chances of standing out from the crowd or simply enhance your skills and improve your confidence.
If you need to improve or add to your credentials in order to get the job you want, come up with a plan of action. Where can you take the courses you need? What kind of timeline and cost does the program have?
By having a realistic idea of what you need to accomplish, you will be more able to follow through with it.
Clarity is all about making sure you are heading in the right direction and your energy is being put to use constructively.