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Pumpkin Seeds

Yum, and more yum.  Who doesn't love roasted pumpkin seeds?  I just bought a pumpkin and can't wait to work hard at carving, creating, and digging out the seeds.
Sometimes you also have to dig in to get the seeds of your career search. Check out some of my previous blogs for tips on getting started, staying motivated, and taking time to enjoy yourself.

Colorful Leaves

One of the reasons fall is my favorite season is because of the beautiful foliage decorating the landscapes. There are gorgeous shades of yellows, reds, and oranges… so many colors all around!
Let them inspire you to use your color and stand out, whatever your transition. Whether you are just beginning your job search, you have interviews lined up or have landed your new job, let yourself shine. 

Transitions don’t have to be dull!

Fall Activities

There are many fall festivals and activities going on right now- visiting the pumpkin patch, picking apples, going on hay rides, and more. It can be so much fun to join in and you never know what you’ll see or who you’ll meet.
Get out there and enjoy, but also see if there are open houses at universities, industry related social gatherings, and other networking opportunites. After you have made some new contacts, you’ll want to follow up. Here's a great article on how to write networking emails>>


You can't erase job history gaps on your resume but you can be prepared to know what to say if asked.  

I always make sure my clients are prepared for any networking or interview questions that may come up. Being prepared for your interview is very important. 

You can practice mock interviews with a good friend or family member, or even consult a professional coach to make sure you are ready to shine. 


We've all learned from the first day of school that you gotta look good to make a lasting first impression! 

You may need a new professional bag for an interview and to hold your career search notes and supplies. 

There are many options out there for professional bags, use the variety as a chance to have fun and find something that fits your personality and job goals. You can get tips from blogs or start by window shopping on Pinterest

The career search isn't just about lists and goals- make sure to take time to enjoy yourself and build confidence.

Once you've got your new "backpack" it's time to get your new career search tools in your bag and keep up the hard work!