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"Guess what.....I got a job!I don't think I would have been able to keep the anxiety level down or my mood so positive if it hadn't been for all you do.  I will highly recommend you to anyone I know looking for career/life coaching" A.M, Administrative Assistant 

"What a pleasure it has been to work with Becky Roth! Her assistance in identifying the next phase in my career journey was remarkable. With her assistance, I found career areas of interest and figured out how to create a good balance of my values and strengths" J.R., Project Manager

"Your help, encouragement, insight, advice, and guidance have been immensely helpful to me. I know I might not have been in the right place with the right tools to have gotten this opportunity. Thank you!"
 C.B., Hospitality/Food industry

"The coaching was great.  While anyone can tell you that you should network, or research positions you are interested in, Becky actually explained to me the best ways to actually take these steps.  Bottom line, Becky helped give me direction, focus, and a methodology. I could not have gotten to where I am without her."  M.F, Compliance Specialist

"Loved it!, Career coaching kept me from getting down about unemployment and hopeful about the job hunt.  Starting my new job on Monday", D.D., Communication Specialist

"I was very happy with the coaching I received from Becky.  Before my first professional interview, I met with Becky and she was able to highlight the importance of interview prep.  Although I didn’t get the first job I interviewed for, I took the prep skills into my next two interviews and finally landed a job at the third! In addition to her guidance, Becky suggested a more methodical way of networking with people in my preferred field in order to get on people’s radar screens.   I have no doubt that without these connections and intentional networking meetings, I would have never gotten my new job." H.K., Office Manager

"I found career coaching really “fun”.  I enjoyed the exercises that made me stop and evaluate my values and strengths.  Having the option to have our sessions over Skype was fantastic. I didn’t have to spend extra time traveling each way, and I had my laptop and desk available to use while we spoke." M.L., Administration/organizer

"Becky is excellent at both being a career coach and cheerleader. First she challenges/teaches you as a coach to do your best by helping both your strengths and areas of improvement. She serves as a cheerleader in recognizing your efforts to implement your career team training, newly identified skill sets, or assists in the identification of new leads. Becky's broad experience and enthusiasm were of great comfort in my career transition from my niche in academia to a career in intellectual property. She is truly focused on your success and will help you go to new places on your career path."  J.L, Scientist

"I found Becky to be very helpful and knowledge-able. She helped me to get the gestalt of the work place introductions.  The biggest ah-ha was the realization that I need a lot of training to get back into the work force. To train not only work skills but also my interview and negotiation skills as well."  A.N, Illustrator and graphic design

"Becky is an excellent career adviser and was very helpful when I was looking for full time work and considering a possible career change. She is very easy to talk to, a great listener and able to provide instant feedback and confidence-building advice. I would highly recommend Becky's services to anyone who is looking for help getting back to work or considering a change in career" R.F, Graphic art manager

"It has been a great pleasure working with Becky. I learned a lot and I couldn't have done such a good job in my interview if I didn't have her support and expertise.  I enjoyed Becky's style, caring attitude, and knowledge.  Not only is she one of the best career coaches, but she goes beyond the limit to help people." N.A., Health Sales

"I enjoyed the coaching very much and found it very beneficial. The goal I had coming into the process was to gain clarity on how to move my career forward. The coaching allowed me to explore my interests but provided clarity on the differences in what I wanted to do and what I needed to do.  Probably the biggest value that I got out of coaching was that I felt I had a companion to bounce my ideas and problems off and that I was not alone as I tackled my difficult issues."
 B.P., Quality Assurance 

"I enjoyed career coaching more than I thought I would.  It gave me an outlet to air my thoughts to an un-biased 3rd party.  Additionally, after each session, I would always come away with a new idea that I did not think to look or research." N.D., Account Management 

"Thanks again for coaching me on job searching and, most important, building my confidence to go out and network. Your support was invaluable." J.H., Professor

"I initially met Becky as a fellow parent, but upon learning that Becky is a career coach, I eagerly signed on to work with her. At the time, I felt "stuck" in my legal career track, was very unhappy, and didn't know where to go from there. Working with Becky not only has brought clarity to my professional life, but also to my personal life. I highly recommend Becky as a career and life coach. Her approach to the "whole" person rather than to just one aspect of one's life shows an understanding that life cannot be compartmentalized. She really hears what her clients are telling her, and uses a combination of personal anecdotes and professional tools in helping her clients. She is a great motivator and leader. The time and money I have spent working with her have been well worth it." A.K., Education

"It has been a pleasure following Becky's career and watching her launch her coaching business. She has a unique perspective and opportunity to leverage her counseling experience with her business acumen to give guidance to those looking to enhance their careers. Her energy is contagious, and I find that she is a natural motivator."

"I was reluctant to hire a Career Coach, but, felt that I was "stuck" searching for a new position on my own. Working with Becky I know that  I've made a well worth investment in both my career and my life. Sometimes, we think that we know what we're doing, but, when you hit a  plateau in your life and/or career, it's time to hire a professional. I highly recommend Becky as a Career/Life Coach. She blends both a professional and sensitive mixture into her coaching and sincerely wants her clients to succeed; she definitely goes the extra yard. I'm so happy I've invested both the money and time into her program, it's like a vitamin B shot to my career.” -- S.K., Finance sales